Net Art: Zoë Salditch and Rhizome



Net Art: Zoë Salditch and Rhizome

medium.jpg medium.jpg medium.jpg
Petra Cortright
Brenna Murphy
facingface~terrest…, 2011
Daniel Leyva
Chill Space, 2010
medium.jpg medium.jpg
Sebastian Schmieg
All jQuery Effects, 2012
Rosa Menkman
The Collapse of PAL, 2011

The Internet is unparalleled for information-sharing, but its importance as a medium and subject for artworks is increasingly clear. Artsy turns to its partner Rhizome—the foremost expert in net art—to shed light on this evolving genre, which includes everything from webcam performances to pixelated portraits to absurdist Google searches-turned-photographic still-lifes. Zoë Salditch, Program Director for this revolutionary nonprofit, discusses the ways in which the Internet has “bred a greater sense of openness and decentralization in art” and curates a selection of artworks on Artsy. Read more.

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