User-generated content

Here is an interesting post on the Petapixel blog about one photographer’s experience of having his own pictures picked up and modified by others. It is a little example (one of millions) of the phenomenon of user-generated content, and also, of the photograph as dematerialised. That is, it exists in electronic form, online rather than print-based, in a state of flux. Or to put it another way, the photograph that we encounter in electronic form is always (at least potentially) subject to change, manipulation or recreation by others, capable of being made again in another form by another author.

Original photo by Jay Lee
Original photo by Jay Lee
Recreation by 'Leeber'
Recreation by ‘Leeber’

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  1. Yes! There is a mobile phone add playing in television at the moment about posting a photograph from a phone that goes viral – I’ll see if I can track it down 🙂

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