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This site is maintained as an extension to a second year digital imaging unit at Deakin University ACM202: Advanced Digital Imaging.

We are collecting items of interest around the themes of ‘PLACE’, ‘FACE’ and ‘cyberSPACE’ in relation to digital images. This reflects three of the major themes for the unit.

Note that all formal content relating to the unit is located on CloudDeakin.

You are encouraged to contribute your findings and suggestions to this resource. You can post via email  by addressing an email to qecu217fici@post.wordpress.com Please include your name and suggested tags when you post by email. If you want to include an image, simply attach it to your email. More info on ‘post by email’ here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/


[image  is a gif based on DAVID CRONENBERG’S VIDEODROME in a review by cyborgoligist Nathan Jurgenson http://omnireboot.com/reviews/network-of-blood/ ]



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