About the Project

This work is an interactive experiment in which I am open-sourcing my own identity as an exploration of the posthuman condition as related to communication technologies. In english: you are encouraged to not only be me, but manipulate, redesign and invent me. Who will you turn me into? Will I be rich, poor, still a man, or suddenly a woman, will I be a super hero, a terrorist, will i still be human or a dragon, or possum. What I can be is limited only by your imagination. Be bold and daring with my identity.The goal of this project is precisely to see what kind of being I become once you have changed me. In the tradition of the open source model, I ask that you Document your projects and then share your creations, iterations, and experiences which I will call “projects” with me and other participants by posting them on YouAreMe.net. By posting your project you effectively expand the possibilities of my identity and may inspire other participant’s projects. 

artists website http://leoselvaggio.com/

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