Identity Online: Harley Kingston T2 2014


  • One Bad Move
    In today’s world the media remains in constant contact with society, informing us of events that effect our lives or news that is deemed significant and important for our knowledge. It also holds the power to form one sided opinions and potentially make or break someones life.
    Online images based on who we want to be and what we want to be seen as attract a peer impression leading to judgement of ourselves, whether we like it or not. Our image is at the touch of our fingertips, however its at the touch of everybody else’s also. These virtual online identities have become indistinguishable from reality, built up over time but shattered in an instant if something socially unacceptable is uploaded under your name.This page is about the personal branding we apply to our online appearance, the image we want to the world to see of ourselves. Reputation is everything, even more so online and a first impression will last, one bad move could destroy job opportunities, relationships with loved ones, friends and your image from the perspective of the outside world. It’s an overly fragile space, all it takes is a friends light hearted hack on your facebook wall.


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